April 26, 2019

Rockville, MD – NANOE, (the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives) is proud to announce that NonProfit Services(NPS) has been named the Official Technology Partner for NANOE and charities everywhere. “NANOE recognizes the value and leadership that NPS brings to our members. Technology is a vital part of how a nonprofit works internally and gets their message out. We all need more companies like NPS”, Jimmy LaRose, Co-Founder NANOE.

“Being named the Technology Partner for NANOE is a big step for our group. NANOE is the nationally recognized thought leader for how a modern nonprofit works. NPS is a nationally recognized service provider for technology for nonprofits. Here at NPS we have Kent Clark, CNE, CDE, CNC a Certified NANOE Capacity Building Professional to assist your Nonprofit in solving your hardest challenges.” Wayne Viener, President NPS.

NANOE is a 501(c)3 corporation and the only nationwide membership organization in the United States for executives seeking credentials in the art of nonprofit capacity-building. Practitioners who hold a prestigious NANOE credential are “best practice” experts in growing charitable enterprises and discovering new ways to advance the common good.

NonProfit Services delivers fast, responsive, and cost-effective tech support and consulting for nonprofit organizations. NPS works with nonprofits to integrate their business plans with their technology to better leverage existing systems improving fundraising and achieving your organization’s unique mission. Simply put, the NPS Team knows nonprofits and how to assist you with your IT needs. When time is crucial and you need to be operational, functional and responsive, NPS is your team. We’re to help your organization run better, faster, and stronger.

NPS holds NANOE’s Capacity Builder’s Enterprise Medallion. NANOE provides corporations and businesses who serve the charitable sector the designation CBE. This “Seal of Approval” gives nonprofit administrators the confidence they require when choosing the cost-efficient and superior products they need to accomplish their mission.
Press Contact for NPS – Mason Viener – 1.877.797.8776 or;

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